Juni Taisen: Zodiac War – Adventures in Anime!


An all out war between 12 of the finest remaining assassins, warriors and deadly killers all representing signs of the Chinease Zodiac must take each other out before the toxic gem swallowed will. The winner will be granted ONE WISH! All of this happens in the awesome anime, Juni Taisen: Zodiac War! This is a review of the full anime series, and I have yet to check out the Novel…


Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler – Adventures in Anime


A crazy gal named Yumeko Jabami attends an elite gambling school to see if she can bet it all and clean house in Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler! This anime is all about the craziness that can be brought out in some of the most skilled gamblers and a little bit about friendship. Not only was this anime entertaining with a pretty good story and some great mind games, but it was…


A Silent Voice – Manga Series Review


KittieOnALeash here to review one of my all-time favorite mangas, A Silent Voice, also known as The Shape of Your Voice. The series follows two young characters: a boy named Shoya, and a girl name Shoko. Shoko is deaf and Shoya is a bully who bullies Shoko relentlessly in his younger years. Ultimately he makes a huge mistake and the manga follows their story on bullying, guilt and shame, and…


Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release!! My Cards & Event Experience

Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release

My Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release Event Experience! I show of all of the cards that I got from the Booster Packs and Trainer Pack, also talking about my experience at the Pre-Release, as this has been my first trading card game event period! Such awesomeness! The Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release Event that I went to was held at Double Daggers: Artisan Emporium!


Z’Isle: A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG Now On Kickstarter (Interview)


Just over a year ago I was able to meet up with Lateef Martin, the creator of the steam – errr cyclepunk zombie comic, Z’Isle, for an exclusive interview. Due to it’s success, the storyline has now branched off into another genre making it’s debut in it’s own strategy RPG. Most notably, the team needs your help to make this dream a reality! In this video, I speak with Lateef…


What I’ve Learned From 20 Years of Pok√©mon


Today marks the 20th year anniversary since the beginning of Pok√©mon in 1996. It’s been a long ride that we’ve had together.¬† I have very fond memories of watching Pok√©mon when it was first aired on TV. As a child I used to wake up early before class to catch a new episode of Poke’mon every morning. I fell in love with the characters, cried through the hardships, and made…


Pax Prime: Hands on HoB – Zelda Styled Adventure Game


HoB is a beautiful, new adventure game that I think you will all end up enjoying. It displays itself in a stunning to look at world, filled with some uniquely designed enemies, and all with an interesting main character leading the way. When I was offered the opportunity to exclusively play the game and talk with Runic Games developers at PAX Prime this year, of course I was ready for…


Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Concert Review


When you first think of symphony, I’m sure you’re imagining a fancy concert hall filled with many¬†older generation adults scurrying along to find the perfect seating – soft whispering and small laughs coming from¬†the many patrons leaving the bar as they scurry along to find the perfect seating. You’d probably also imagine a very special few sitting atop the¬†balcony in box row seats with monocles attached to their eyes for…