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Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your First Anime Convention

Let’s say that it’s almost time for that anime convention that you’ve been waiting for since you left the last one. Or maybe it’s your first time even going to an anime convention. Here’s a complete guide that will let you know everything about anime cons and the best way to prepare! What is an anime convention? An anime convention (“anime con” for short) is a formally-organized gathering of anime…


Bulletstorm Demo

If Borderlands and Gears of War had a baby, Bulletstorm would be it! Bulletstorm didn’t seem like the typical game that I’m use to playing. I had to download the demo and see for myself what the hype was and to my amusement.. THIS GAME WAS FANTASTIC!! The game did not disappoint. Even though it took about a good 4 minutes to run through the short mission that was available,…