• Juni Taisen: Zodiac War – Adventures in Anime!
  • Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler – Adventures in Anime
  • A Silent Voice – Manga Series Review
  • Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release!! My Cards & Event Experience
  • May 2017 Manga/Anime/Nerdy Stuff Haul (ACEN Edition!)

Love and Lies Manga First Impressions!

Love and Lies (Koi To Uso) is a great story taking place in a Japanese society where when a teen turns 16 they are matched with a government marriage partner that they shall spend the rest of their lives with! This doesn’t fly well with our main character who just revealed his love to the lovely Misaki! Find out how the story goes in Love and Lies!!


A Silent Voice – Manga Series Review

KittieOnALeash here to review one of my all-time favorite mangas, A Silent Voice, also known as The Shape of Your Voice. The series follows two young characters: a boy named Shoya, and a girl name Shoko. Shoko is deaf and Shoya is a bully who bullies Shoko relentlessly in his younger years. Ultimately he makes a huge mistake and the manga follows their story on bullying, guilt and shame, and…


Happy Halloween!!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone out there in Youtube land! Also wanted to show off my Kittie Krueger costume! And I also wanted to give a brief update on my channel. Have a fun night!!

Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release

Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release!! My Cards & Event Experience

My Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release Event Experience! I show of all of the cards that I got from the Booster Packs and Trainer Pack, also talking about my experience at the Pre-Release, as this has been my first trading card game event period! Such awesomeness! The Pokemon Crimson Invasion Pre-Release Event that I went to was held at Double Daggers: Artisan Emporium!


Death Note (2017) Movie Review

Myself and MangaMan Reviews share our thoughts and review on the Death Note Netflix film! With Death Note being one of my favorite animes, I definitely had to see what was up with this new take on Death Note with the Netflix film. Was it good? Terrible? Watch to find out!