Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters & More Revealed in New Trailer!

Since Pokéfans first heard about Sun and Moon we’ve been on edge waiting for the next big announcement and now we have just have that! Pokémon Sun and Moon will officially be released on November 18th this fall, and this morning we all got to wake up to this awesome treat from Nintendo! Behold, the official trailer introducing your Pokémon Starters, new gameplay and possible Legendaries as they are now officially revealed! Watch in the trailer below:

The above trailer reveals the three new starter Pokémon. While traditionally sticking to the classic formula of Water, Fire and Grass types, these starters actually look pretty exciting. First introduced is Rowlet, an adorable little owl Pokémon with both Flying and Grass types. Next we have Litten, a fire type kitten. What’s more better than a fire kitten?? And lastly, we have Poppilo, the goofy seal looking water type Pokémon. It’s kinda cute, but not fire kitten cute! You can learn more about each individual starter Pokémon on the official Sun and Moon site here.

The trailer also shows us a little glimpse into some of the gameplay in Alola Region, which seems to be a tropical paradise possibly inspired by Hawaii. From what is shown, the landscape features a vast area decorated with volcanoes, tiki ruins, tribal designs and many palm trees galore. The gameplay looks very similar to XY and I really like it. Both “main” characters shown look fun and ready to battle.

We need to sit down and talk about the beautiful possible legendary Pokémon also shown! One graces our Sun box cover as a royal Lion type, and the other a mysterious Bat creature featured on Moon. I really like the idea of having the Lion creature for sun, but I was just an itty bitty disappointed that the Moon Pokémon isn’t a wolf. Maybe I’m crazy, but it would have been a cool idea. Although, this Bat looks like he could do some pretty damage and once I saw him flip up his wings I was dazzled, and then I was sold! I find myself torn between deciding which one has the better design as they are both such interesting mythical creatures and I will probably end up giving all my money to Nintendo to own both of these games to be embraced by such epicness.

Also if you have a moment, check out the Japanese reveal trailer which shows how Pokémon can always bring people together despite differences and language barriers. The feeling are so real and it’s so heartwarming! Check it out while you can!:

You might now find that there’s too much hype and excitement for this game and that it may be very difficult to contain your energy. Fear not, as we do have the option of downloading both original Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow games digital copies right on your 3DS consoles for all the replaying satisfaction you could ever want, as well as we can expect more info on Pokémon Go which is still scheduled for a release sometime this year.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer? We’d love to hear about your reaction to the reveal!

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