• Idol Dreams – Manga First Impressions
  • To Your Eternity – Manga First Impressions Review
  • Juni Taisen: Zodiac War – Adventures in Anime!
  • Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler – Adventures in Anime
  • A Silent Voice – Manga Series Review

Idol Dreams – Manga First Impressions

In the manga Idol Dreams we have Chikage, who is a 31 year old office worker woman bored with her current life and situation. She really wishes that things had turned out differently for her. Depressed, lonely and standing still in motion she finds herself at her lowest point, but she is then given a chance to change everything at the last minute! She take an experimental drug which reverts…


To Your Eternity – Manga First Impressions Review

To Your Eternity is an adventure manga by the same creator of A Silent Voice. The series tells the story of a mysterious immortal being, an orb sent to earth. This orb then imitates the form of a rock, then soon the form of moss on the rock, then eventually takes on the place of an injured lone wolf. Eventually that immortal being takes on the form of a human…


Anonymous Noise – Anime Review

A girl with a mysterious past wears a facemask to keep her from using her beautiful voice. She runs into an old friend from her past that encourages her to use her voice once again and eventually join his band. During that process, she also runs into an old childhood friend who was also her first love… and the guy wants absolutely nothing to do with her! A love triangle…


Ibitsu – Manga Review

A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting among the garbage bags. When scurrying past her she asks him one simple question, “Would you like a little sister?” He stupidly said yes and now…. this women really believes she is his sister! Ibitsu is hands down the scariest manga I have read yet, and I’ve read a lot!


Portus – Horror Manga Review

Asami’s best friend Chiharu stops showing up for school and art club, and unfortunately commits suicide. Chiharu has recently been obsessed with the videogame Portus, a game that is said to be cursed and leads the player to a certain unpleasant fate, being death! Asami works with her two teachers to uncover the truth behind the game and find such evil seeping into their real world.