Meet KittieOnALeash

Oh, hi there! Nice to meet you! My name is Krystal, but I’m known in the gaming community as KittieOnALeash. In the virtual world, I am an indestructible sword wielding hero, while in real life I’m a Level 26 Human who spends a whole lot of time playing videogames. During the day, I am a code monkey (aka computer programmer) but I spend most of my time at work daydreaming about being saved by Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. Games have always been a huge influence in my life. I’ve been a PMS Clan member since 2009. Since then, I’ve turned my love for games into a passion that I really do care about: writing.


Games have made a huge impact on my life. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s house where my cousin would spend most of his time playing videogames so naturally I grew up surrounded by them. While he mostly played sports games, I’d eagerly sit around and wait for my turn. When he’d pass the controller to me, I’d always squeal, “I wanna play Mawwio!” Ever since I ended up finding out how to turn on the Nintendo myself, the rest was history. Playing Super Mario Bros. 2 was my first memory, although I still managed to sneak in some Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem play time for the Sega Genesis at the age of 6.

kittie3Videogames have always been my release. I grew up with social anxiety and having such a shy personality kept me from having fun and socializing with many of the other kids. I felt comfortable around my family and close friends, but it still hindered my ability to go outside and jump around like the others. I figured I was much more introverted and came to terms with it. I’d spend most of my time glued to the TV screen gaming and too bad I didn’t have any younger siblings to share the fun with me. I have older brothers that were always supportive of my geeky ways. Still, they never really wanted to get beat by their little sister in Street Fighter. Coming home to hop on the Genesis was very rewarding and I felt like I could be an awesome person even if it was just in a virtual world. I never had to explain myself to the virtual character on screen, all I had to do was relax and enjoy the adventure. Though I am older now and I grew out of feeling that way, one thing is the same and that’s how much I love to play my games!

kittie4My Xbox 360 is my current favorite console while I’m still trying to deal with the feels of forking over $500 on an Xbox One. Playing games like L4D, Far Cry, Mass Effect, Pokémon, Call of Duty, Street Fighter and Fallout 3 make my life complete. I also do a bit of PC gaming when I am in the mood for RTS/RPG games like League of Legends and Diablo. The N64 will always be my favorite console though. I spent weeks playing Super Mario 64, Cruis’n’ World, and most importantly Banjo Kazooie! Once the PS2 came out, I got into my favorite game series, Silent Hill. The game that brought me into the madness was Silent Hill 2 and it still remains the most compelling story I’ve played through in a videogame. It changed the way that I saw games, not as just entertainment but my goodness– they are art! With the inspiration of SH2 always on my mind, I look to pursue my passion for being a part of the gaming community. I spent two of my college years going for Game Programming and I wanted to pursue my dream working at one of my favorite studios: Rockstar Games! Though life lead me into the direction of web programming and writing, I still have hopes of doing some type of coding for one of my favorite studios. Ahh, a girl can dream right?

Living to be more than just a gamer, I expanded my gaming presence as KittieOnALeash. In 2009, I joined the PMS Clan Xbox 360 COD division to compete with other powerful women to break the stereotype that girls can’t game. I originally heard about PMS Clan after watching WCG Ultimate Gamer where our clan founder, Amy Brady, competed. Amy is such a strong woman and intelligent gamer who has such a fierce passion. I wanted to be so much more like her and most importantly, I wanted friends like her to game with. I found all of that within PMS clan. It’s always a wonderful experience to be here. From joining the clan, I’ve done GameBattles and competed in a few local tournaments. Though I’ve started to fall a bit out of love with Call of Duty, I’ve currently been trying to become “decent” in fighting games. I hope one day that I can create more of an interest to bring back the PMS Fighters Division. *crosses fingers*


During my online journey, I’ve gained confidence and met some amazing friends through networking and gaming/anime conventions. Myself and two of my buddies, PMS Narz and Alymew, started one of the first all-female gaming podcasts, the Gaming Valkyries! And from then on, I became a writer and YouTube promoter on Narz’s website Girl Gamer Vogue. GGVogue has been one of my biggest accomplishments and I continue to set my mark in the gaming world by sharing my opinions. I currently write for a new website that I absolutely adore called SheAttack. If it wasn’t for my chance of being around such great people, I wouldn’t have had my passion for writing resurface. Writing brings out my creative side. While working at these sites, I also developed a new love for creating graphics and journalism. Not only have I been able to go to events to represent my sites, but I’ve had the opportunity to speak with people in the gaming industry and do what I love to do.

I do all of this because I want female gamers to have a voice. Sites such as SheAttack and GGVogue are very important because YES we are here in the gaming world, but we still need to work together to create a much larger presence in the industry. I want to see more female characters and I also crave seeing more minorities represented! When I look back into my early years of online gaming, it was pretty brutal. I’d been called every harsh name only because my voice revealed my gender. There’d be moments where I was too shy to speak for fear that I’d have that backlash. Sadly, this is still a thing that keeps women more quiet about their love for gaming. But being in the clan really had toughened my skin for such foolery. That’s one thing I probably wouldn’t have been able to get over if I had not been a part of this community. Changes are happening slowly but we still need to continue being vocal about what we want and stay strong about who we are.