Meet KittieOnALeash!

What’s up world?! I’m Krystal, also known in the gaming and cosplay community as KittieOnALeash. I’ve been around for a good while on the internet creating all types of content ranging from video game reviews, to gameplay videos, to even anime and manga reviews. I’ve got a lot of time and many things to say being a nerdette my whole life.

This site will house a collection of my reviews and articles, gameplay videos, cosplays, and give you the chance to learn a little bit more about me.

Sia (Lisianthus) Shuffle! Anime cosplay by KittieOnALeash
Kittie with Mass Effect Garrus and Tali’Zorah cosplayers

Kittie the Gamer

I have been gaming ever since I was a wee lass around the age of 4. I loved playing any and all videogames. One of my earliest gaming memories was playing Super Mario Bros 2, and I loved playing Princess Toadstool, the only girl character you could play. From there I continued playing any and all videogames with my favorite consoles of all time being the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation 2.

I spent so much time in my youth on the N64 playing games of all type ranging from Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Banjo Kazooie & Tooie, Super Mario Bros, Rugrats, and way more. The PS2 days gave me so many good memories such as DDR Max, Grand Theft Auto Vice City (my favorite!) and the amazing days of classic Silent Hill games.

I joined my first gaming clan way back in the Xbox 360 days called Gamer Beauties and competed in Left 4 Dead 2. This was the first time that I ever got to play with other female gamers, and on top of that, competitively! In 2009, I joined the PMS Clan Xbox 360 COD division to compete with other powerful women. From joining the clan, I’ve done GameBattles, attended PAX Prime & East, and competed in a few local and online gaming tournaments. My competitive edge may have been put to rest but I still loved that age of competitive gaming and have been amazed to see how much esports has grown.

Favorite Console: Nintendo 64
Favorite Video Game: Silent Hill 2
First Video Game: Super Mario Bros 2
Favorite Video Game Character: Marcus Fenix from Gears of War

Kittie the Cosplayer

KittieOnALeash as Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo

Kittie the Anime & Manga Lover

At an ACEN 2016 Pokémon Cosplayer Meetup

I love anime and manga. Anime has always been a huge part of my life as I grew up as a 90’s kid, I was exposed early on to Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Speed Racer and Tenchi Muyo all through the classic Toonami. While I have much love for old-skool anime I’m always interested in finding the next big thing to hold my attention. Over the years I’ve had a few favorites come and go, but I also find myself stuck in love with the older classics. If interested, join my journey on YouTube where I review many anime and manga series in search for the next big thing that will stick!

Favorite Anime: Dragonball Z, NANA, Monster, Berserk, Blood +.
Favorite Manga Series: NANA, The Promised Neverland, Deathnote.
First Anime: Dragonball Z (as a kid) and Peach Girl (as a teen)
First Manga: Happy Hustle High

Kittie the Writer & Journalist

Kittie on the scene at PAX East 2015

During my online gaming journey, I discovered that I has a passion for writing about what I loved most… Videogames! I have written for a few all female gaming websites including TrueLadyGamers (TLG), Girl Gamer Vogue (GG Vogue), PMS Clan and SheAttack. I also even co-starred in a gaming podcast called Gaming Valkyries alongside gaming personalities Narz and AlyMew which was the first all-female gaming podcast around at the time. With GGVogue I was able to write great content and even got to help host a gaming tournament in New York City! This was one of those opportunities that made me realize that I really do have a talent and can have a voice in the gaming community.

SheAttack was one of my prime moments when I really shined as a gaming journalist. I had written over 30 articles during my time there and also had amazing opportunities ranging from Meeting the CEO of Atari, Interviewing Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat (voices of Goku and Vegeta from Dragonball Z) and I got to even sit down and play some of the hottest videogames with different gaming companies. All of my written work is archived here on the site. Take a peek through the gaming section to check out some of my written work!