Bulletstorm Demo Review


If Borderlands and Gears of War had a baby, Bulletstorm would be it!

Bulletstorm didn’t seem like the typical game that I’m use to playing. I had to download the demo and see for myself what the hype was and to my amusement..


The game did not disappoint. Even though it took about a good 4 minutes to run through the short mission that was available, I developed a curiosity for the game just that quick. Bulletstorm is a medium paced action game. It’s created by Epic Games, the same creators of Gears Of War (hence the buy bulletstorm, play Gears 3 beta when it’s out) so the gameplay runs just as smoothly!

The demo is very short, but worth the space to download. After completion you even unlock a couple of valuables including a color change for your leash for the full game. Pretty interesting!

Graphics– Very high quality! It reminded me a lot of borderlands with the whole cartooney feel. I love that. A whole lot! Everything is a bit bright and crispy just as Gears has an amazing presence as well. I also had a bit of a Bioshock feel to it as well.

Story– There wasn’t much to the story to learn in this very short demo, but from seeing bits of the full gameplay it seems pretty typical. The gameplay really takes the cake here.

Gameplay– Very smooth and easy on the controls. In this game it’s all about style points! Doesn’t matter how quickly you get it done, but more on how you do it. There is something called a Leash that you use to pull enemies up to you and for a split second you have a chance to unleash havoc on them however you’d like. Think somewhat of Vats (Fallout) or Hyper mode (Stranglehold). It’s easy to aim and shoot, rack up many head shots if you want to top the leaderboards!

Style- Bulletstorm has a style completely of it’s own! Epic did an amazing job with this one!

I have got to buy this game! Even after playing the demo, I was hooked!

Stay tuned for a full review on the game once it’s realeased.

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