Komi Can’t Communicate | Manga Review

Komi Can't Communicate | 12 Days of Manga - KittieOnALeash

Komi Can’t Communicate by Tomohito Oda tells the story of Komi, a shy girl that can’t talk, what so ever! She’s so shy that she is just so bad at talking to anyone and hasn’t spoken a word yet in school. She’s socially anxious yet everybody loves her! Through Komi’s shyness she finds a friend and creates a goal of making 100 new friends. Sounds like a tough challenge. Let’s see if this book is worth the read.

The challenge is simple: Read or review 12 manga volumes over the 12 days leading up to the 25th, aka Christmas. You can review manga that you have read or challenge yourself to read something new. Maybe you’d like to share 12 of your all-time favorite mangas, or review your top 12 2020 picks, or scrub through your backlog! Whatever you decide to do, share it with us! Even if you’d like to just create a post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, just do whatever and spread your joy for manga during this holiday season!

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