Phos - Phosphophyllite | Houseki no Kuni | Land of the Lustrous Cosplay by KittieOnALeash

Phosphophyllite – Land of the Lustrous

Phosphophyllite (Phos)
Land of the Lustrous
Manga and Anime Series

Premiered at:
Anime Midwest 2019

Worn at:
Anime Midwest 2019
Anime Milwaukee 2020 (AMKE)

Why I chose this cosplay?
Land of the Lustrous is one of those anime series that is a complete gem. With the beautiful animation and fantastical story, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with this anime as well as Phos. I love her kindhearted nature and yerning to be more, someone who is helpful and useful, and become an important character, stopping at nothing short of trying everything to make that happen.