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Fire Force Anime Review

Fire Force is a shonen anime that is bringing the heat to this summer’s anime list! Shinra is a hopeful boy who joins the Fire Force, a group of Japan’s elite fire users that work to take out Infernals, demon like creatures generated after a person has burst out into human spontaneous combustion!

Dr. Stone Anime Review - KittieOnALeash

Dr. Stone Anime Review | It ROCKS!

In a world where everyone has turned to stone, two friends work to bring back civilization with science and might! Dr. Stone is a fantastic anime and I’m highly enjoying it as of lately! Let’s take a look into the anime while I’ll give you my first impressions.

To The Abandoned and Sacred Beasts Anime Review - KittieOnALeash

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts – Anime Review

In To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, we follow Hank, a former general on a mission to put to rest the fellow beast incarnates that he fought along side as in this corrupt world the most of the incarnates no longer have humanity stored in their hearts. This anime is complex and will have you on an emotional ride! Check out …

Magical Girl Site Manga Review - KittieOnALeash

Magical Girl Site – Manga Review

Magical Girl Site (Mahou Shoujo Site) is a terrifyingly magical shonen horror manga, and not in the way or Sailor Moon but think more of death apocalypse! Tormented school student Aya stumbles upon a website that gifts her magical abilities to do whatever she wishes with, but with cool new powers also comes ultimate destruction! The horror art of Kentarō …

anime haul may 2017

May 2017 Manga/Anime/Nerdy Stuff Haul (ACEN Edition!)

Manga, anime and other nerty stuff haul for the month of May! I’ve got a few cool things including many items from Anime Central, some Trading Card Games and lot of manga. Did I mention how cute baby Grunt is? Also the love for Junji Ito is too strong! πŸ˜€

Top 12 Black Video Game Characters That Kick Ass!

Long gone are the days of struggling to find a good black video game character. Not only are they cool, but it’s awesome to see more game characters of color on the big screen. It’s just refreshing. I grew up in an age where black people didn’t appear often in video games. If they did, they were over stereotyped, non-important …

Review: Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Fans of Plants Vs. Zombies reunite! We’ve all been on the edge of our seats waiting for the next installment. Well ladies and gentlemen, plant your peashooters, grab your sunshine and let’s hit the road because the Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook game is now available to play! Overview Popcap games has gifted us their latest game PvZ Adventures. It’s …