Happiness Vol. 1 – Manga Review

Happiness is another vampire manga, but with a twist! Does it live up to the expectations that I have while since being blown away by it’s other manga by the same creator, ShΕ«zō Oshimi, The Flowers of Evil? We’ll find out!

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight – Vol. 1 Manga First Impressions

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight is a Cinderella type of manga story about a high school girl who happens to have a thing for romance, and by chance gets to be a part of a special movie as an extra to one of the hottest celebrities in show business! We see their relationship form and get to see …

A Silent Voice – Manga Series Review

KittieOnALeash here to review one of my all-time favorite mangas, A Silent Voice, also known as The Shape of Your Voice. The series follows two young characters: a boy named Shoya, and a girl name Shoko. Shoko is deaf and Shoya is a bully who bullies Shoko relentlessly in his younger years. Ultimately he makes a huge mistake and the …

ACEN 2017 Review!!! Anime Central 2017!

Here’s my anime central ACEN 2017 review! We had a great time, but with all good times comes some minor issues. I’m hoping that Anime Central will come back and be at 100% of awesome next year!