Z’Isle: A Cyclepunk Zombie RPG Now On Kickstarter (Interview)

Just over a year ago I was able to meet up with Lateef Martin, the creator of the steam – errr cyclepunk zombie comic, Z’Isle, for an exclusive interview. Due to it’s success, the storyline has now branched off into another genre making it’s debut in it’s own strategy RPG. Most notably, the team needs your help to make this dream a reality!

In this video, I speak with Lateef about the story of Z’isle and how it’ll translate into the video game. Lateef and I also discuss the Kickstarter goals for the video game and how the team has been learning and trying to communicate their vision with their fans and onlookers alike. Lateef also makes many thought-provoking points about his desire to ensure people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups will be well represented in, not only the Z’isle comic book line, but the video game as well.

Looking for more information on Z’Isle? Check the official Kickstarter page for the video game, Instagram, Tumblr, Comixology to catch up on the lore, and Twitter.

After watching this interview, let us know how you feel about Z’Isle. Are you reading along? Do you plan on supporting the Kickstarter? Let us know below!

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