After Destiny: 11 Exciting Console Games to Dive Into

I hate to say it, but one day you’re going to get bored of Destiny. Or maybe you’ll reach level cap. Maybe you’re at a point where you can’t continue along and need to wait for your squadron to sign on (my current situation). Whatever it may be that puts a hault on your galaxy expedition, there are a couple of console gaming options that should be able to hold you over for the time being. While this has been the most hyped game of the year, I’m still waiting for a little bit more and I’m enjoying some time going back into the games I love with some similar qualities. Here is a list of top 11 console games you could be playing in wait of the next big thing:

11. Diablo 3: If you want to play this game forever with friends (with minimal bordem)

While it may be an action role-player game, instead of a shooter, Diablo 3 definitely gets some love. Fans of the original Diablo games, or newcomers can hop right into the action. There are 6 classes to pick from including Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Crusador, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard which all play their own part into making the gameplay so successful. The wildly successful PC game made it’s way onto console and it really doesn’t feel mishapen at all. Gameplay is smooth, co op and multiplayer are ridiculously addictive and you’ll probably be spending days grinding it out in this world. The loot is fantastic and the story is pretty decent to get into. In Diablo, the action NEVER stops and there’s a huge array of different characters to battle. If you’re even slightly curious, there’s a demo available on most consoles to try out. You might just fall in love with it.

10. Farcry 3/4: If you want an open world adventure and beautiful scenery.

One thing I really wished for in Destiny was the ability to explore until my heart’s content. In this FPS adventure, you will be able to do this and even more. Our main character, Jason Broady must shape himself into a hero quick to save his friends taken hostage by pirates on this crazy island. The game puts you into this beautiful place where you can just explore on for hours, but also is fun enough to make you want to fight and make your way through the storyline. You are given options on what skills and weapons to upgrade and pick abilities based on your needs. Not only did I have a love for driving across the land, hunting rare exotic creatures to add to my collection, and feeling victorious with 2 person co-op taking down the gang lords, but I had hours of fun. Not to mention that Vas happens to be my most hated game villain till this day. Also we’re in for a treat November 18th, when Farcry 4 will finally grace our consoles!

9. Grand Theft Auto 5: If you’re looking for an unforgettable open world MMO with tons of action.

I saw that eye roll! But wait, listen. Grand Theft Auto still has one of the most immersive online MMO in the gaming console universe. Yeah there’s a lot more swearing, death and explosions than we could imagine from most of the other games on this list but if you want a huge world like Destiny swore to gave us… you’ve got that and more in GTA5. The story alone will last you over days to work through and in terms of playing with friends, the fun is never ending. Take advantage exploring and causing mischief all over Los Santos and don’t forget about multiplayer where you can play with over 16 people simultaneously. While you don’t really get to focus on what to upgrade and your abilities, you have your pick between our 3 main characters and their crazy lives to get into. And that’s not even the tip of what this game has to offer you. Indulge in mindless destruction while in multiplayer where you and friends can do what you want, when you want it. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto!

8. Dragon Age / Inquisition: If you want an addicting medieval RPG.

Dragon slaying, betrayal, rapid hack n slash combat. Mix that all together and here we have Dragon Age. It’s been an understated RPG series for a good while now. Preferred is to start the series with Origins if you can get your hands on it, but aim for working your way through 1 and 2 if you really want to dive into the story. The real fun in DA comes with being able to wander the vast environments, explore mysterious caves, craft the perfect weapon, hunt large mythical creatures, and also the world adjusts to how you want to play. Inquisition (which releases November 18th this year) will feature a 4 Player Co-Op and multiplayer mode, which is pretty darn sweet. Although the multiplayer story will be completely separate than the single player story, this will give players even more options to enjoy the story. You can easily spend around 150+ hours in this game.

7. Red Dead Redemption: If you want an expansive journey through the Wild West.

Rockstar’s most unique game Red Dead Redemption needs to be played as well. If you’re dying for an open world old western action/adventure experience this is it right here. The year is 1911 after the American Decline and our “protagonist” is John Marston, an outlaw set on revenge after his wife and kids are taken from him to do what he does best as a bounty hunter. While the story seems to be a bit of a stretch from most of the others listed here, I’ll tell you one thing. Red Dead (GOTY 2011) can not be skipped over.  This game is pretty expansive. It’s not all about what weapons you carry or can find, but you can find yourself doing a lot of exploring, talking to random NPC’s, roaming the west and actually interested in hunting for the best breed of horse. You’ll spend hours in the main quest while also just getting around to explore with friends. Did I also mention this has one of the funnest 16 player multiplayers ever too?

6. Halo 4: If you’re looking for a beautiful FPS game.

To anyone who has played Destiny so far, we’re probably thinking that it feels so similar to Halo 4, which is actually a wonderful thing! Though the Halo series has been alongside with Bungie for a very long time, 343 industries really added a special touch to Halo 4, it’s not a mystery that the game doesn’t carry some of the similarities. Halo as a series has always had an unforgettable FPS experience, multiplayer or single / co-op modes. Halo 4 along with most of the other games, has a pretty expansive Co-Op mode that is just as beautiful and addictive. Some of my best gaming memories come from diving into the trenches with friends and destroying every alien baddie we could find. Don’t just take my word for it, Halo is big because of it’s a darn great series!

5. Skyrim (or Elder Scrolls Online): If you want to play an extremely immersive action RPG fantasy game.

We’ve all heard the infinite stories of Skyrim. People spent how long on this game? And did what? And went where? And modded what? Though there’s not much modding you can do in the console version, we’re still getting the brilliant game in it’s full glory. Gamers longing for that never ending fantasy world RPG have most likely stumbled upon this in their search. The goal is to eventually set out to defeat Aldiun, a legendary dragon who’s one goal in life is to destroy the world. Being our hero with great customization, we set out on a long journey to improve our skills to be able to slay the dragon. Though trust me, you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time wandering away from the main storyline with so much to do and explore. With a never-ending amount of quests, and one of the biggest and most beautiful worlds to explore on console, this will be the next best thing to get completely sucked into!

4. BioShock: If you’re looking for all of the story and action.

BioShock still has been that one game sitting on the top of many gamers favorite list. One of the most popular and and unique FPS games,  this ‘BioPunk’ genre first person shooter game will be a staple to videogamers everywhere. You start out as Jack in 1960, the lone plane crash survivor in the city of Rapture. This underwater beauty of a city although has some deep dirty mess underneath it’s waves. Claimed to be an isolated utopia lead by the leader Andrew Ryan, we explore deeper into the muck. The perfect utopia had been destroyed long before we arrive as the crazed citizens are obsessed with ADAM, a plasmids that gives super power abilities. In BioShock you take your own choices on what powers you want and a pretty sweet arsenal of weapons. The Big Daddy / Little Sister concept is adorable, and as you look below the surface of everything a fighting strength awakens as you struggle to find out what really happened here and destroy the monster. Though stylish combat is what really takes the cake with this game. In BioShock 2 there is even a multiplayer that isn’t all that bad, yet a little dead online but it’s still pretty awesome. Infinite is another adventure you need to get your hands on!

3. Fallout 3: If you want a post-apocalyptic immersive RPG YOUR way.

One of my all time favorites (And game of the year of 2008) Fallout 3 definitely makes the list. Prepare for the ultimate single player journey in year 2277 as you, the lone survivor of your vault (an underground community that you’ve lived in since you were born) in post apocalyptic wasteland America travel into a “new” world. After the nuclear apocalypse, humanity struggles to pick up the pieces and survive in the world tainted by such radiation. Most of the surface people have gone crazy (raiders), try to recruit you to fight for the military, need you to run one too many odd quests, or have turned into ghouls. The thing that made Fallout such an amazing game was that there’s just so many things to do, and so many directions to take. You decide if you are evil or a saint. Level up your skills, loot loot and LOOT everyone and everything, customize and upgrade your weapons and come back from a hard day of work over-encumbered. A person can easily spend 100+ hours in this game, easily. With 5 rounds of DLC and even Fallout: New Vegas to give a hand at you’re bound to be in your gaming chair for much too long. But it was all well worth it. Bethesda is king at making these immersive RPG games.

2. Mass Effect: If you want to explore more of the Galaxy.

Any Mass Effect game will leave you in amazement. My favorite pick of the bunch is 2, if you’re into a solo player quest and 3 will be your pick of poison if you’re in need for a CO-OP session with friends. The vast galaxy is waiting for your exploration and the action is flawless. Start the world out crafting your own character Commander Shepard as you lead one of the most epic space explorations. One of Mass Effect’s shining light is that the player makes all of the decisions. You will decide what is best for you and your crew, how certain missions will be affected (good or bad) and determine some of the deepest decisions as a leader. The combat is absolutely addicting! I don’t think I’d had one complain on combat. Given your cool energy weapons and your special abilities, recruit your team to your play-style and you’re ready to go. I like to keep an ally with biotic abilities with me who’s power shield abilities can protect me when I go full Rambo mode on the space baddies. If you haven’t already dived into the award winning series, you truly are missing out.

1. Borderlands 2: If you want the best closest thing to a online co-op adventure.

Hands down, Borderlands takes the cake as the next best thing that we’re looking for. Being one of the best reviewed and most loved original FPS games, Borderlands brings big personality and even bigger guns. With an infinite array of custom weapons, fast paced action, decent character development, unique art styled mischief and one of the best console Co-Op games EVER! Even if you play Borderlands 1 you’re guaranteed at least over 60+ hours of gameplay. That’s quite a lot. You can pick which ever class you prefer, upgrade your game stats and defenses and good gracious, don’t get me started on weapon selection (which seems to be infinite!). The game is fun single player, or even better with friends.

All in all, Destiny is still a pretty good game. Though there were many brilliant games that came before it as well. Although it may be leading the way for console MMORPG’s we can’t knock it for trying. It takes a recommended 20 hours to really get into the gritty of the game which seems pretty standard for most like games (primarily my experience on PC) so if you have the patience to grind it out until then, enjoy! Take these games into consideration as well and there’s even many more options out there to enjoy such as Phantasy Star Universe, Metro, Crysis 3, Warframe, Monster Hunter, Defiance and etc. The list could go on and on. These game options will surely keep you enjoying your console world exploration. Happy gaming!

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