ACEN 2017 Review!!! Anime Central 2017!

Here’s my anime central ACEN 2017 review! We had a great time, but with all good times comes some minor issues. I’m hoping that Anime Central will come back and be at 100% of awesome next year!

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Concert Review

When you first think of symphony, I’m sure you’re imagining a fancy concert hall filled with many older generation adults scurrying along to find the perfect seating – soft whispering and small laughs coming from the many patrons leaving the bar as they scurry along to find the perfect seating. You’d probably also imagine a very special few sitting atop the balcony in …

Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods Interview w/ Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel [NYCC 2014]

Who really isn’t a Dragonball Z fan in this day and age? Personally, I grew up watching Dragonball Z and have been hooked ever since. While it was the first anime I completely fell in love with, I will say that having the honor to interview the voice actors for two of my favorite characters was a great experience. Yes, Goku and Vegeta were sort of my heroes growing up and are two of my favorite characters of all time. Beyond the characters are interesting voice actors.

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Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your First Anime Convention

Let’s say that it’s almost time for that anime convention that you’ve been waiting for since you left the last one. Or maybe it’s your first time even going to an anime convention. Here’s a complete guide that will let you know everything about anime cons and the best way to prepare! What is an anime convention? An anime convention …