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Anyone who is into fighting games has probably heard about Capcom’s latest Ultra Street Fighter IV Update. The series has come a long way from its 2008 Street Fighter IV release and while it still remains one of the most popular fighting games, it’s getting yet another update! This time its a worthy update! Capcom released a new trailer to Ultra Street Fighter IV, which finally showed off the new characters in action, new game modes and a few extra features that we can expect to get into our hands on soon.

Source: Capcom


New Characters and Game Modes

The Ultra Street Fighter IV update will be making a few changes to the game as well as the addition of 5 new players. The first 4 revealed will be Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena, which were all editions brought back to life in Street Fighter x Tekken! Personally I’m excited to beat up C. Viper with Poison! There will also be a 5th player which still remains hidden. Many speculate that it could be anyone from previous Capcom titles although it has recently been slipped by Yoshinori Ono that it will not be Retsu and will be a female, but nothing has been made official yet. Hold on to your pants guys, this is the only excitement we may have left to wait for!

Source: Capcom

Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV) will also bring in a few additional game modes and features. This includes Online Training that was first seen in Street Fighter X Tekken (SFxT) as well as a new Team Battle mode called Elimination. Online Training will allow players to train with others from all over the world instead of the usual 1 on 1 with the CPU dummy. This is one of the features I am most excited about! Long gone are the days of starting up a 2 player endless lobby and having to repeat this since training will feature the options to unlimited health and fight battle time. This will come in handy for those training to become better with an online sensei teaching you how to perfect your techniques! The Elimination team battle system works similar to King of Fighters where one player from each team fights for a single round and winner regains a small bit of health before facing the next opponent. The loser takes their seat and the next combatant in line steps into the ring. This will bring more life into the team battle mode on street fighter (One I’ve never actually tried out myself).


Credit: Capcom

Also new to USFIV will be the new Ultra Combo Double and a new feature called Red Focus Attack. If this means what I think it does, I can potentially get blasted by both of Akuma’s Raging Demon and Wrath of Raging Demon all in one round! That sounds way too dangerous. Ultra Combo Double allows fighters access to BOTH of their ultras during a single match. This feature will not have to make players choose one ultra over the other, but I do wonder if both Ultras will have less than their usual power. Just some food for thought. Red Focus Attack appears to be a new sort of Focus attack that will allow the player to absorb multiple hits instead of just the one. This is going to be a pretty neat feature to get fighters out of a tough situation.

Source: Capcom-Unity

So When Can We Get Our Hands On This Greatness?

The Ultra Street Fighter IV update will be available in a couple of ways. If you already own your console versions of Super Street Fighter IV, or Arcade Edition you can purchase the update right into it. A retail disc version will also be available for purchase with ALL unlocked alternative and custom costumes for your fighting pleasure. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available in June and PC gamers will have a wait a little bit longer until August for their copy.

With all of these new changes, added features and the addition of new characters Ultra Street Fighter IV is probably going to feel somewhat like a new game. Matchups will be different and access to both ultras and red focus will force new strategies into creative new gameplay.

My Body Is Ready!

So are you ready for this? Check out the official Ultra Street Fighter IV trailer above. Leave your thoughts and comments on it as well!

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