Evolve: New Co-Op Game from L4D Creators


Presenting… EVOLVE!

Left 4 Dead happens to be one of my most favorite games. EVER! While I patiently anticipate the release of a Left 4 Dead 3 someday, it’s safe to say that my craving for another game from the developers will be a pretty solid blessing. Presenting Evolve! Evolve will be the latest co-op shooter, created by Turtle Rock Studios that have brought us all of the previous L4D games. This game will be set on an extraterrestrial planet where players hunt down a large alien beast. Judging by the size of our alien friend Goliath, this will not be an easy task at all!

Source: Game Informer
Source: Game Informer

Hunt or be Hunted!

Evolve, set on a space planet, will be a Sci-fi 4 versus 1 shooter game. With a team of 4 Alien Hunters and one massive powerful Alien controlled by a 5th player this already sounds like a set up for an intense multiplayer experience. Hunters will have to use teamwork tracking the alien down, while the Alien focuses on growing with strength to destroy the Hunters. What makes this game style unique from L4D is that each of the 4 Hunters have different classes and skills based on their character. The Alien starts the game in a weak form but grows in size and strength from devouring wildlife, all while experiencing this in third person. There will be multiple aliens to pick from with different strengths and skillsets. The game follows in a Predator style, and I can get down with this.

Source: Game Informer
Source: Game Informer

What to Expect from Evolve?

What we can expect from this game will hopefully be an addicting multiplayer experience. With a team of completely unique Hunters seeking out the lone target Alien, it’s going to be a unique battle. The coolest feature I found was the main alien that’s been spotted in nearly every screen shot, Goliath. This beast is just one of the many aliens we’ll encounter on the planet Shear. The size of a fully fed Goliath is quoted to be up to 30 feet tall. When starting out, he’s around 10 feet and just gets larger from there. We can see that a lot of previous detail went into his concept design. One of my favorite things about Left 4 Dead is the power of teamwork and if we’re set up against this huge hulking monster I can’t even imagine how crazy it’s going to get.

Even More Information

Evolve is expected to release later this year in the Fall. Pre-orders are available now for Xbox One, PS4, PC and will include an exclusive Monster Expansion. No gameplay footage has been released yet but hopefully we can see a bit more during E3.

Head on over to Game Informer for a mother-load of exclusive information on Evolve including the 4 Hunters, Goliath and even Interviews with the developers!

Are you excited for this game? In terms of multiplayer what are you hoping for? What type of Aliens are you looking forward to seeing?

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