Perfect Couch Co-Op Games to Play This Valentine’s Day

Ahh! Valentine’s Day is this weekend and what would be better than spending a lovely evening with your Honey, playing videogames all night? Who doesn’t want the closeness of being together on the loveseat snuggled up with a controller in hand? It’s the ultimate bonding experience for the gaming couple. There’s nothing more romantic than that feeling of taking down a difficult boss, or completing a thrilling mission together. Whether your Boo has lots of gaming experience, or can’t figure out how to walk a straight line virtually, here’s a good pick of a few fun games that will provide the topmost gaming experience for both of you lovers. Enjoy, and remember that it’s just game. No raging! You must replace all of the raging with hugs, kisses, and cuddles! 😉

Portal 2

Genre: Puzzle, First Person Shooter

Nothing better really comes to mind for the ultimate two player gaming experience than Portal 2. This is a cooperative game where two witty robots, both armed with portal creating guns, must work together to make it through multiple uniquely crafted levels. One character creates a blue portal, and the other creates orange, which both collectively magically link together. The gameplay is fairly simple and once you both get the hang of it, I’m sure this could lead to lots of fun times. The fact that you both need to work together while wrack your brains trying to get creative with the placement of your portals, provides one of the best co-op experiences ever! Many high fives and congratulatory squeals are up ahead with this one. Also, the fact that you can virtually hug your portal partner is sweet!

Rock Band 4

Genre: Music and Rhythm

It’s time to ROCK!! Of all of the music genre games ranging from Dance Dance Revolution, to Guitar Hero, Rockband seems to be that one that just seems to work better as a team. There’s a very expansive music selection with up to over 2,000 music tracks, including DLC. Everybody has their choice of instruments ranging from guitar, bass, drums and vocals. So nobody has to feel left out being stuck with an instrument that they’re not too good at. You could start a co-op band together and run through career mode where you play through a series of venues and songs until you finally make it big time. Or you could always go the fun route and just play together in quick mode. We wish you many gold stars and 4x multipliers while wailing out loud to Bohemian Rapsody! If the night gets pretty competitive, you could also go head-to-head and battle against each other. Loser gets to pop the popcorn!

Left 4 Dead

Genre: First Person Shooter, Horror

Of course, no co-op list would be complete with the best team FPS game out there. Team up with your partner and the AI to make your way through the city in search of salvation, all while battling through tons of infected zombies. A group of 4 whitty survivors all armed with various weapons, medi-packs and pills that you will find along the way are what truly make Left 4 Dead. The amount of teamwork that goes into this game is it’s bread and butter. Working together to come up with the best strategies and takedowns will create that special bonding moment that you may not be able to get anywhere else. Better yet, you can take your co-op skills online and battle in multiplayer where you can actually play as the infected! If you don’t mind getting a little bloody for your valentine, this one is ridiculously fun!

Little Big Planet 3

Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Little Big Planet is one of the cutest co-op experiences that you could get into. In LBP, you create your own little sac character, play through lots of exciting quirky levels, and can even build your own fun levels from start to finish if you’re feeling super creative. Our story’s narrator is hilarious, music cheerful, and the world can be molded into whatever you want it to be. The online community has a bunch of custom levels that you can explore and have fun in. If it’s cool enough, you can even upload your custom level and allow other players to download and play it. It’s so neat to be able to create something together, that others can enjoy. The possibilities are endless in this game making it the perfect couple game for this Valentine’s Day.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Genre: Action Role Playing Game, Hack and Slash

If you’re looking for a fast paced Role Playing Game, with the nonstop hacking and slashing of enemies, look no further than Diablo 3: Soul of Reapers. It’s addictively fun and easy to pick up from the start. If you’re obsessed with power and leveling up, this is going to be very rewarding for you. You can both pick your classes at the beginning (whether good or evil) and team up with up to 4 players to fight through the world of Tristam. The enemies vary in all shapes and strengths, and oh my god, there is so much loot to pick up! Working together in this game can be rewarding as you both receive experience for enemies killed. This pick is a perfect couch co-op game for the RPG lovers at heart.

Mario Kart 8

Genre: Racing

It’s Mario Kart, everyone’s favorite party game! With the gameplay being pretty simple and with your lovable Nintendo characters back again, Mario Kart 8 really brings all the fun together. This game can get pretty competitive, but it’s all with love. The levels in this game and customization options that you can bring to your kart are sure to provide hours of fun! If you want a fun competitive game where everyone has a decent chance of winning, this one will be the best pick for you and your date.

Mortal Kombat X

Genre: Fighting, Horror

Of all the fighting games out there, I’ve got to say that my best pick for co-op would be Mortal Kombat X. Not only is this one of the biggest rosters, but it’s ridiculously fun. Everyone has encountered Mortal Kombat sometime in their life, and this game has got to be the best in the series. It’s got a unique story line and even more unique characters including many beloved combatants, while introducing a new generation of fighters as well. Also let’s not forget all of the crazy DLC fighters including Jason from Friday the 13th, and even Predator! With many different fighting stances you can pick, and a huge fight roster, this will be one to play for a good long time. The mechanics of MK make this a good game for even a beginner to pick up, and there’s really no pressure whether you win or lose. And you can tell your partner, “Get Over Here!” and they’ll totally understand you.

Borderlands 2

Genre: Action Role Playing, First Person Shooter

For the adventurous RPG lovers out there, nothing beats the experience of Borderlands. With the endless customization that exists in this game and a huge world to explore and a plethora of missions to work through, this makes for the ultimate in couch co-op. You can both pick your main character out of 4 classes (Assassin, Commando, Gunzerker, or Siren), and proceed through the campaign while completing missions, taking down bad guys and hunting down the baddest bosses while collecting hot loot. Completing missions together really make this game truly worth the co-op experience. It isn’t called top best co-op RPG shooter for no reason!

Castle Crashers

Genre: Beat ’em Up, Role Playing

For a simple yet humorous little party game, Castle Crashers really knows how to leave an impressions. You play as one of the red, blue, green or yellow castle defenders, as you hold out through waves of enemies imposing threats on your peaceful land. This is a fun one where you will run into many different enemies and bosses, ranging from evil pop-corn kernels, to a large dragon with an itty bitty sock puppet on his hand. Better yet, if you’re having a double date this game is even funner with a group of friends. While you work together to finish the levels, you eventually level up and encounter tougher enemies as the game goes on. This game has a good balance between team work, and every man for himself, while the loot you claim is not shareable. You get to keep all of your own gold and rewards along the way, so no need to fight over that level 30 Electric Eel Sword!

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Genre: First Person Shooter

Halo never fails in the aspect of couch co-op (except for Halo 4 completely taking out couch Co-Op!) and is the perfect shooter for you and your Valentine. The Master Chief collection features all 4 halo games (Combat Evolved, 2 Anniversary Edition, Halo 3, and 4). Pick a game, any game! The story of each game will suck you in and while it may take a while to reach a level of experience in this game, it’s still fun and easy to pick up at first. Playing together through campaign will allow you both to come up with creative ways to work through a certain level such as coming up with game-plans such like, “I’ll flank left, you come in on the right.” Or even better, “I’ll drive, you shoot!” You can even choose 1 vs 1 gameplay which is hilariously fun as always.

Dungeon Defenders

Genre: Action Role Playing, Tower Defense

A party favorite, yes this one is! Dungeon Defenders is a reasonably priced game that you can find yet it’s well worth the action! You can pick between 4 different heroes (Squire, Mage Apprentice, Huntress, and Monk) all equipped with unique traps and abilities. Your various dungeons are under attack by enemies and you need to work together setting up traps and fighting through the waves of enemies. What’s fun about this defense tower game is that you can set up different traps in the game and wait for enemies to foolishly fall into them. At the end of each wave, you are able to upgrade your armor, weapons and defenses. I like that this game has quite a bit of comedic relief, but you can easily make your way through the game all in all.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Co-Op Style!

I’m sure that even with this list, there’s still a couple games that you all have in mind. Share down in the comment sections below what some of your favorite couch co-op games are to play.

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