Z’isle Interview with Creator Lateef Martin

Imagine. It’s 7 years after the Zombie Apocalypse in the city of Montreal. As the city is located on an island surrounded by water, Montreal is one of the most ideal places for such an occurrence. The remaining population of the city is still fighting to carry on with life after the initial fear of the outbreak. New communities emerge and fall apart, but one thing is certain – survival is key. This isn’t another “The Walking Dead”, “Night of the Living Dead”, or “Left 4 Dead” story. This is Z’isle, a new perspective of the after-zombie life.

The citizens in the world of Z’isle live with this simple motto: “Trust, trade and hope”. Bike-forged weapons make for a unique and stylish way to defend their lives against the biters and roof-top communities struggle to exist in a world where anything can happen. What really drew me into the series is the amazingly unique art style. Not to mention, the overall concept is really sweet as well. We get to explore the lives of the surviving communities and see how each life intertwines through this collective journey. So far I’ve read through the first two chapters and I NEED MORE!This year at PAX East in Boston, I was fortunate enough to meet Lateef Martin of Miscellaneum Studios, the talented creator and illustrator for the new Z’isle Cyclepunk Zombies comic book series and soon to be videogame. Z’isle initially took off with its first 6 issues fully funded through Indiegogo – reaching a successful goal of $7,245 CAD of its $6,000 CAD goal in only 1 month! Dedicated by the love of eager fans, the series has launched 2 issues thus far. Also, the planning stages of Z’isle’s upcoming videogame are underway.

In this interview, Lateef Martin, creator and illustrator of the Z’isle series, explains the world and Z’isle’s communities and it’s residents, what to expect from the upcoming Z’isle videogame, and what makes this world unique from The Walking Dead or other Zombie universes, inspirations for the series, and most importantly, the diversity into the world of comics and zombies.

If you’re interested, which I know you are, you can purchase the Z’isle comics and stay tuned for more information on the video game. The Z’isle video game will be available hopefully sometime in 2015 for Android, PC, PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

Learn more about Z’isle through these social links.

Official Website: http://www.zisle.ca/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zisleseries
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zisleseries

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